Within Reach: Global Development Goals

The 2013 Hunger Report

Sustainable Development


The MDGs did not put enough emphasis on climate change and its impact on poor and vulnerable people. The next set of global development goals must focus on what can be done — both now and for the future — to reduce the threat to the livelihoods of poor people around the world.

Smallholder farmers and other agricultural workers depend on stable ecosystems. Can the Earth still provide that, and what are the alternatives if it cannot?

Facts and Quotes

  • In sub-Saharan Africa, 66 percent of the working population earns a living from agriculture.
  • 83 percent of those without access to improved drinking water live in rural areas.
  • “We will not end hunger if we do not shift towards more sustainable patterns of production and consumption.” (2013 Hunger Report, p. 53)

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