Within Reach: Global Development Goals

The 2013 Hunger Report

Country-Led Development


Each country must find and follow its own path to development. There’s no cookie-cutter solution because hunger and poverty are not cookie-cutter problems. Their causes and their contexts vary widely across geography, culture, and society, so any effective solution must be tailored to local circumstances. Every country can and must take the lead in finding its own way out of hunger and poverty.

Facts and Quotes

  • Brazil reduced extreme poverty by 80 percent in just five years in the early 2000s when the government expanded a broad social protection program.
  • “There is no general formula. The starting point is to recognize that one size does not fit all. It’s very important for each country to find the way out of poverty based on their own experience.” (Graziano, 2013 Hunger Report, p. 45)

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